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It has been said that the next teachings of Galen, a physician Roman Empire who lived from 129 to 199, had "more influence of medical history than those of any other physician, before or since." Unfortunately, although he was considered final word in medical matters for the next 1,400 years, much of what he wrote was erroneous. So high regarded was Galen that even 1600s one French physician state if research disclosed difference what Galen taught, then nature have changed! This reverence for past teachings slowed progress in m knowledge for many centuries. Among the isolated examples of forward steps was the observation of the A physician Ibn al-Nafis (1210-that the heart was nourished by i vessels (later to be called the coronary arteries).

Finally, during the Renais: from about 1450 to 1600, subs strides in knowledge began. The largely a result of direct observation by dissection of cadavers, rather than speculation and theorizing. The greatest contributions to the understanding of the anatomy of the body and heart came from Vesalius (1514-15 Padua, Italy. Even before, Leona Vinci (1452-1519) had done dissections and made elegant artistic renderings of his observations, but were not published at the time and therefore had little influence.

Examples of knowledge about the heart which emerged during the Renaissance include descriptions of the veins, the general structure of the heart and coronary vessels, aneurysms of the aorta, details of the heart valves, and the pulmonary (lung) circulation. Indeed, the term "circulation" was first used during this period.

If the advance of knowledge during the Renaissance about the heart and circulation could be considered the result of cumulative steps forward, then the 17th century was a time of leaps and bounds. It was then that the big picture of how the heart and circulation actually functioned came into focus, due mainly to the work of William Harvey (1578-1657). Harvey's discoveries were published in 1628 in the magnificent De Motu Cordis (On the Motion of the Heart). In it (and in subsequent writings), he accurately described, on the basis of observation and experimentation, the way the blood circulates throughout the body and lungs and returns to the heart.