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There are many types of stress, for example:

Money troubles

Family worries

Work pressure

Inability to relax

Too much to do


Driving in traffic

External Stresses

External stresses are things that happen to you which you find unpleasant and therefore stressful. For example, being caught in a traffic jam, the noise of construction

work, or arguing constantly with a loved one. Some of these you may not be able to change but perhaps you can teach yourself to change your approach to them.

Others, such as arguing with a loved one, could possibly be changed. Discuss these stresses with your social worker and he or she will be able to advise you on how best to approach dealing with external stresses.

Internal Stresses

Internal stress is the stress that you place upon yourself. Do you expect too much of yourself and others around you? Do you worry a lot? Once again, you may have to learn to change your approach. Could you delegate some of your work to your colleagues to help relieve worry? Could you benefit by learning how to relax?

If you feel you need to learn how to relax discuss this with your doctor or the rehabilitation staff at your hospital. There are also a number of individuals and organisations offering courses in relaxation and meditation. Your local community centre will have information on relaxation.