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The Framingham Study confirms the well-known fact that every second diabetic suffers from coronary disease. This finding emphasizes the danger of coronary disease to an undiagnosed or untreated diabetic. Examinations of diabetics show that arterial vascular disease is twice as frequent among them as compared to healthy persons. Dangers are greater for diabetic women than for men because of complications.

The Framingham Study also revealed that the average blood pressure values are higher among diabetic men, and even higher among diabetic women, than among the non-diabetic population. It follows that diabetics are especially at risk.

The most important goal of treatment of diabetic adults is the normalization of weight because diabetics frequently do not need medication if they maintain their normal weight and a proper diet.

Evaluation of blood glucose and urinary sugar

The diabetic and his physician must rely on repeated blood and urinary sugar tests for long-term treatment. The patient can learn to perform these simple tests and can become a specialist in his disease. It would be beyond the scope of this book to describe such details which are explained in books dealing specifically with this disease. In this chapter we shall relate only the criteria recommended by the Epidemiologic Society of Vienna in 1971 to evaluate blood sugar levels. The following table shows fasting levels as well as after meal glucose levels (determination of blood sugar is presented in mg.)