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[Vietnamese Culture Night] Auditions

In other words, we want you!! =D Yeah, that's right. You know you can't get enough of us and we can't get enough of you either, haha. We will be holding auditions for anyone who would be interested in singing, acting, dancing, or if you have something unique you would like to do then we are all eyes, ears, whatevers! The more ideas and talents you guys present to us, the better our show will be and you get to be a part of it! =D I highly encourage everyone to take this opportunity to come out and do it and feel free to get your friends involved too! The more the merrier! =D
When: Starting Monday, January 28, 2008 [Held every week until we officially got everyone settled from Monday - Thursday]
Location: Our cozy little VSA office, TSU-264 =D
Directions: Walk up the stairs [don't be lazy and take the elevators =p unless you're injured], turn to your right, then your left, and you will see our office straight ahead. You seriously can't miss us, we're that obvious, lol. If anything, we'll wave at you frantically as you walk towards us from our window. =D
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm [if you are unable to attend, please let us know and we will arrange a time and place for you, how special =D]
VCN [Vietnamese Culture Night] Mixer
This event is an opportunity for you guys to get to know more about VCN and what the purpose of it is. You will know about what our VCN this year is about to the different types of committees that are available for you to join. Please do come! It will be a great opportunity for you guys to not only get to know us a little more but you will also get to meet other members who you don't get to see around much. =D
When: TBA
Where: J.D.'s House [We will be sending out emails to you regarding directions and such because we don't want stalkers coming for J.D. now =p]
Time: TBA